TFTP Provisioning

Phones will fall-back to using TFTP to download configuration files if HTTP Provisioning fails or when using older version firmware. A sample tftpboot directory containing templates for SEPMAC.cnf.xml, Softkeys.xml, FeaturePolicy.xml, DialTemplate.xml, AppDialRules.xml, background images and ring-tones can be downloaded from the URL below.

file_download tftpboot-1.1.tar.gz (122K) event 06/05/2020 security SHA256:51e0524a74bdf135242c5555dd3f7bf056eae4f9f002139c29ed3dca324f5129.

Below is an example rewrite map for tftpd-hpa that keeps the firmware, locale and ring-tone files separate (optional).

# Keep firmware in a separate directory (optional) ri ^(.+\.loads)$ firmware/\1 ri ^(.+\.sbn)$ firmware/\1 # Keep locales in a separate directory (optional) ri ^(.+)/(.+-sip.jar)$ locales/\1/\2 ri ^(.+)/(.+-tones.xml)$ locales/\1/\2 # Keep ring-tones in a separate directory (optional) ri ^(Ringlist)(\.xml|-wb\.xml)(\.sgn)?$ ringtones/\1\2\3 ri ^(.+)(\.raw|\.rwb)(\.sgn)?$ ringtones/\1\2\3 # Rename Desktops to wallpapers (optional) ri ^Desktops/(.+)/(List\.xml)(\.sgn)?$ wallpapers/\1/\2\3 ri ^Desktops/(.+)/(.+\.png)(\.sgn)?$ wallpapers/\1/\2\3