Dial Templates

Dial templates control what number patterns are valid and how many seconds to wait for extra digits before dialing. File is specified by <dialTemplate> in SEPMAC.cnf.xml.

<dialTemplate> <versionStamp>e68d54c1-0354-4b1a-aca4-adffc4b7de2f</versionStamp>


Specifies a pattern to match dialed digits against. Note: <TEMPLATE> must be in uppercase.

match Pattern to match, consists of one or more elements
0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Match digit
# Match a literal #
. Match one digit, # or *
* Match zero or more digits, # or *
\* Match a literal *
, Play secondary dial-tone specified by tone
timeout Number of seconds to wait for more digits if this pattern matches
line Only apply template to the specified line (optional)
rewrite Rewrite the matched digits before dialing, consists of one or more elements (optional)
0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Replace with digit
. Each . is replaced by the digit that was matched by the corresponding . in the pattern
%0 The entire match
%1 %2 %3 %4 %5 Replace with group of digits matched, grouping is done by consecutive literal digit or . elements
%% A literal %
%. A literal .
tone Secondary dial-tone to play when a , is matched, up to 3 can be specified (optional)
Bellcore-Inside Bellcore-Outside Bellcore-Busy Bellcore-Reorder Bellcore-CallWaiting
Bellcore-Hold Bellcore-Reminder Bellcore-Confirmation Bellcore-Permanent Bellcore-None
Cisco-Zip Cisco-ZipZip Cisco-BeepBonk

<TEMPLATE match="3.." timeout="1" /> <TEMPLATE match="..." timeout="2" /> <TEMPLATE match="......." timeout="2" /> <TEMPLATE match="0........" timeout="2" /> <TEMPLATE match="*" timeout="3" /> </dialTemplate>

Hotline link

To create a line that automatically dials a number when the phone goes off-hook use an empty pattern with a timeout of 0 and rewrite containing the number to dial.

<dialTemplate> <TEMPLATE match="" timeout="0" rewrite="300" /> </dialTemplate>

Intercom link

Similar to a hotline, automatically dials an extension only for the Intercom line. The line attribute must match the lineIndex specified in SEPMAC.cnf.xml.

<dialTemplate> ... <TEMPLATE match="" timeout="0" rewrite="390" line="2" /> </dialTemplate>