AS Feature Events

The patch also enables support for Do Not Disturb and Call Forward synchronization using Application Server Feature Events (open_in_browser ECMA-323). Listed below are the per-vendor configuration options required.

You do not need to make any changes in sip.conf to enable this feature.

Polycom link

<polycomConfig> <reg ... reg.1.serverFeatureControl.cf="1" reg.1.serverFeatureControl.dnd="1" /> ... </polycomConfig>

Cisco SPA and Multiplatform Firmware link

<flat-profile> ... <Feature_Key_Sync_1_>Yes</Feature_Key_Sync_1_> </flat-profile>

SNOM link

<settings> <phone-settings> ... <dfks>on</dfks> </phone-settings> </settings>

Aastra link

... sip line1 as-feature-event subscription: 1

... bw.feature_key_sync = 1