Patching Asterisk

Steps for patching, compiling and installed the modified version of Asterisk are below. You should be familiar with building from source before attempting this.

1. Download a copy of the patch below, the patch is also available from the Asterisk issue tracker.


file_download cisco-usecallmanager-18.13.0.patch (325K) event 05/07/2022 security SHA256:be1588b12eaff41e4626296f83ab5ab8e987c81f9184562f2d3217e63382cd33.
file_download cisco-usecallmanager-16.27.0.patch (325K) event 05/07/2022 security SHA256:829746a72233d4bda81f6c12e25d7fe19e893622944230bdbcd02116f5db5269.

Security Fixes Only

file_download cisco-usecallmanager-13.38.2.patch (325K) event 23/04/2021 security SHA256:8508cbe7396464fc01430fea5669c24be25c876f85718d721de1b66e0be7a3db.

Digium/Asterisk JIRA issue open_in_browser ASTERISK-13145.

2. Download the version of Asterisk that matches the version number in the name of the patch.

open_in_browser Asterisk Downloads.

3. Extract the archive and apply the patch.

~$ tar --extract --gzip --file asterisk-X.X.X.tar.gz ~$ cd asterisk-X.X.X ~/asterisk-X.X.X$ patch --strip=1 < ../cisco-usecallmanager-X.X.X.patch
4. Configure the build environment and build the source.

~/asterisk-X.X.X$ CFLAGS="-DENABLE_SRTP_AES_GCM -DENABLE_SRTP_AES_256" ./configure ~/asterisk-X.X.X$ make
5. Install the patched version.

~/asterisk-X.X.X$ sudo make install
6. Optionally install the sample configuration files. Note: sample sip.conf, sip_notify.conf and res_parking.conf contain patch-specific features so you will need to do this at least once.

~/asterisk-X.X.X$ sudo make samples