Application Dial Rules

The list of transformation rules applied to numbers dialed through either the phone's received call history or via the bluetooth address book is specified in a file called AppDialRules.xml. Rules will not be applied if the number is edited before dialing, 7800 and 8800 series only.


DialRule link

Specifies a number prefix rule.

BeginsWith Digits at beginning part of the number to match
NumDigits Total length of the number being dialed
DigitsToRemove Number of digits to remove from the beginning of the number
PrefixWith Digits to prefix the number with

<DialRule BeginsWith="+" NumDigits="11" DigitsToRemove="1" PrefixWith="00" /> <DialRule BeginsWith="+" NumDigits="12" DigitsToRemove="1" PrefixWith="00" /> <DialRule BeginsWith="+" NumDigits="13" DigitsToRemove="1" PrefixWith="00" /> ... </DialRules>