Patching Asterisk

Steps for patching, compiling and installed the modified version of Asterisk are below. You should be familiar with building from source before attempting this.

1. Download a copy of the patch below, the patch is also available from the Asterisk issue tracker.

file_download cisco-usecallmanager-13.27.0.patch (325K) event 10/06/2019 security SHA256:5f0d2d9a681def7975d4f2e7ccc0deefa56f0829d386b06d3e21a1f9cf6644af.
file_download cisco-usecallmanager-16.4.0.patch (321K) event 10/06/2019 security SHA256:cb28bb435c1f49f9e5d7174c0244a5dc66044eec2dff09922dd6976cc7a8313c.

Digium/Asterisk JIRA issue open_in_browser ASTERISK-13145.

2. Download the version of Asterisk that matches the version number in the name of the patch.

open_in_browser Asterisk Downloads (http://asterisk.org/downloads).

3. Extract the archive and apply the patch.

~$ tar -zxvf asterisk-16.4.0.tar.gz ~$ cd asterisk-16.4.0 ~/asterisk-16.4.0$ patch -p1 < ../cisco-usecallmanager-16.4.0.patch
4. Configure and build Asterisk.

~/asterisk-16.4.0$ ./configure ~/asterisk-16.4.0$ make
5. Install the patched version of Asterisk.

~/asterisk-16.4.0$ sudo make install
6. Optionally install the sample configuration files. Note: sample sip.conf, sip_notify.conf and res_parking.conf contain patch-specific features so you will need to do this at least once.

~/asterisk-16.4.0$ sudo make samples